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googlesucheGoogle is people´s first choice when searching for new products and services. We plan your Google ads and optimise campaigns constantly.

According to statements by the German Institute for Economic Affairs in Cologne every Euro invested in online advertising with Google increases revenues by an average of 11.94 euros.

Keyword analysis

Potential analysis and identification, strategy development.


We place your Google ads.


Keyword and campaign optimization, documentation.

Google deals with millions of search requests every day and your product or service is amongst them too. So, with Google Adwords adverts, we place your advertising message and link to your product within Google´s search results. If potential search requests appear your product or service is listed at the head of the results and therefore clicks are automatically guaranteed.

However, in order to be as successful as possible with your adverts keyword analysis should be done to identify the status quo and to realize market potential. The analysis consists of two different parts. At first, the webpage is checked for its current position in the organic search results and secondly, single keywords are checked for their potential.

Based on those analysis advert texts are created and particular search items defined by which the adverts shall appear amongst the search results. It is important to consider many factors which lead to the advert´s best placement and performance. Moreover, not only choosing correct search items plays an essencial role but more importantly proper texts, locations and target pages.

The tremendous advantage of Google Adwords adverts to digitally communicate advertising messages is the exact performance measurability in real-time. The entire potential though can only be used if campaings are optimised regularly. At it the different adverts their keywords included are checked on the most important key figures and are updated too, so the best result can be achieved.

UPON´s Mission

Classic Advertising always interrupts people´s activities and so their disposition to buy is very low. Search engine advertising is different though as you do not look for people who might be interested in your product but people who are truly interested in your product find you. We would like to make this brilliant principle available to you. We have dealt with search engine advertising for several years and gained experience with adverts for all different products and sectors. Hence we know which advert and technique to use to get the best result. With this knowledge we would like to provide you an effective and economic distribution tool acquiring new, eager to buy customers.

How we place your advertisements on Google

UPON offers a full-service for Google Adwords. We counsel on choosing the correct search items based on analysis, create campaign concepts, place and optimise your adverts.

How Google Adwords advertising works

Four components are required in order to implement and establish Google Adwords successfully as a reliable distribution tool:

  • Keyword- and potentialanalysis by identifying potential searchvolume of different search items
  • Ad placements on potential search items
  • Continuous Adwords optimisation to increase their performance
  • Documenting the results