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Google search and its constant change of list of results

When searching on Google we realise consistent alterations. Some of them will be described in more detail in the now following Artikel. The sorting algorithm that is used when we search for information on the Internet changed once more recently.

Standard setup of a Google search results page

The setup of a Google search result list is still nearly identical:

  • red : at the top and side Google AdWords (charged)
  • grey at the lower part organic search results are listed. On each Google page ten results


Google´s sorting algorithm is continually changing

For years Google has changed their sorting algorithm from time to time. We noticed several alterations that can be added to standard searching:

  • Company information
  • City information
  • Google Maps map
  • Scientific contributions
  • Immediate translations
  • Film & cinema results

Company information at the Google search announcements

For important keywords such as Facebook, Google, Nike or other big businesses Google provides on the right-hand side  information about the company .

Google Suche nach „Facebook“


City information

When searching for a particular city the following image pops up:

  • In the right window information about the city, a Google Maps card, the current weather, interesting places, universities etc.
  • In comparison to the standard picture (see above) another area is established at the organic search results


Google Maps map

When searching for certain services in a town e.g. „Onlinemarketing Stuttgart“ the map appears as part of the upper part.
It is remarkable that the search advert changes constantly. On the search of the keyword mentioned above another image appears within the same day:

  • The map is maller
  • Google AdWords at the upper part


Scientific contribution

The following image shows up when you look for individual services e.g. workshops or scientific topics such as „Online Marketing study“


Immediate translations

In order to receive easy translations even more quickly use the keyword x with an additional: translate e.g. „Stadt translate“

Film & cinema results

Recently interesting observations could be made specifically for „film & cinema“

  • After typing „film“ into the search mask current films appear above the standard search results
  • Clicking on a film opens an area underneath that provides additional information about place and time the film is shown



After click

We will trace how Google will work on further refinement. One thing is for sure, there will be surprises within the next few years regarding the mobile search and ist adjustments.