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Internet Marketing Setup

Online Marketing (Internet Marketing) gains higher turnovers and new customers. Therefore, differenct disciplines need tailoring to the companie´s communication and an appropriate setup for sustainable success may be chosen wisely.

This can be done by investing in the following Onlinemarketing setup:

Onlinemarketing with a correct setup

A strong, search engine optimised website

Meaningful online presence is indispensable for big and more importantly, small companies. Not rarely it happens that a website is also a companie´s flagship. We create your website on a high level and pay close attention to visual aspects, factors of success and conversion optimisation. If customers can find the desired information in only a short period of time your page will turn into a significant distribution channel. A marketing website originates that informes and raises awareness at anyone interested.

You can generate Traffic on your website through:

  • Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter or XING
  • paid advertisement on Google or banner promotion
  • Top rankings at search engine results

Facebook marketing and audience targeting

Marketing options on Facebook and audience targeting have nearly no limits. They can be run according to audience, interest or other core information given by the user. Furthermore, the Ads will be delivered timely and attract a lot of people as EVERYONE uses Facebook.

A worldwide availability is granted on seven days a week, 365 days of the year. Nowadays no privat company can afford to renounce an effective presence on Facebook.

Facebook is an important advertising channel which…

  1. Brings you interested parties
  2. Informs your audiences
  3. Raises your reputation

Local Google AdWords

As search engine number one Google places aimed regional adverts on their audience´ devices which unlike Facebook directly approaches customers ready to buy. Whoever looks for information does that on Google by typing e.g. massager. Companies listed on page five are not going to get any requests at all. If Google AdWords were run on this keyword, it would appear on the very first page.

What you should pay attention to when implementing a marketingsetup:

  1. build website on a technically high level and optimise it onto Google
  2. use WordPress as CMS
  3. create editorial concepts for blogs, Facebook fanpages and adverts
  4. analyse audience, establish setup and create profile/page on social media
  5. plan advertisements and define KPI