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More likes and clicks through Facebook

Marketing with the Social Network No. 1

likeitFacebook, founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, developed to the largest social network and therefore helps you reach more costumers then ever before. Facebook is one of the most effective marketing tools on the Internet. Its possibilities are nearly endless and open up new channels of communication.

UPON developed strategies and has insights how to promote brands and services from all different sectors.


Facebook ads for clearly defined target groups.

Editorial service

We write your posts - you increase reach through added value.

Fanpage care

Technical support, optimization and response management.

Millions of people use Facebook on a daily basis to either inform or publish articles themselves. Based on the information given by the user, including their behaviour and interests, companies are able to reach particular target groups with their advertisements in a short period of time. Facebook adverts also allow companies to achieve diverse marketing aims. Moreover, adverts are used to draw people´s attention to your brand, company or product. Depending on your aims Adwords can deliberately cause certain reactions at customers e.g. make them purchase an item.

fb1 An example of an advert with targeting

An example of a Facebook Advert with the aim to:

  • increase the number of UPON´s Facebook fans so as to raise awareness amongst potential new employees with an affinity to online marketing.

When it comes to creating an appealing Newsfeed we recommend a mixture of social media and advertising at the rate of 80% to 20% so your postings are not only adressed to fans and customers but also to potentially new interested parties. Hence try to look at your channel from a customer´s point of view and ask yourself how to create added value for them. Embrace the opportunity to proof yourself an expert by publishing professional content (80% social) and boost product sales (20% advertising) at the same time. Using this approach allows companies, no matter what sector, to develop a proper Content Strategy in order to achieve their individual marketing aims.

fb2 An Example of an image describing post

An example of a Facebook post with the aim to:

  • Make interested parties click on your blog via publishing an interesting article showing know how.

Nevertheless, to use Facebook´s entire potential as a marketing tool, particular technical requirements are needed. Our technical support includes dealing with all issues related to Facebook pages and places such as correct settings, change of names, solutions for technical problems, generell fanpage optimisations or joining pages. In Addition, using Facebook as a communication channel also requires dialogues with customers. Social Responsemanagement includes replying to messages, comments and reactions to positiv and negativ criticism.

UPON`s Mission

Social Media equals Facebook. Companies who use Facebook benefit from a communication channel surpassing all classic marketing registers. We are familiar with Facebook and its functionality. Always up-to-date about Facebook´s innovations, latest techniques and tools we work everyday on measures to optimise one of the most effective and measurable online marketing tools. We help you use Facebook´s entire potential.

Marketing your brand on Facebook

UPON offers comprehensive Facebook marketing. We plan your campaign, run your individual targeting advertisements, publish your posts and if desired communicate with your customers on Facebook.

How Facebook Marketing works

Your prospective Facebook commitment is going to raise your brand´s range at the social network number one. You can choose from 4 varieties:

  • Only Adverts to spread a certain advertising message (possible without an own Fanpage)
  • Continuous commitment through running your fanpage with editorial posts (if desired with response management)
  • Optimising your Facebook presence technically (once or regularly)
  • Full-Service: Developing an individual strategy using Facebook´s entire potential for your company, all varities mentioned above included.