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The pull strategy for more traffic is effective and brings you guaranteed requests. We create your campaigns and optimize click through rates.

Google AdWords boosts your Sales

Google is the largest search engine on the Internet. That’s why Google is the number one choice for people looking for information. This applies to both regional and national information. Users can be specifically redirected to websites that are relevant to their personal or business interests.

According to statistics, Google is the first port of call for 73% of Germans who want to learn about a specific topic.

According to statements of the German Institute For Economics in Cologne, with each euro, which is invested in the online advertisement with Google, sales can be increased by an average of 11,94 Euro.

Also your products or services are searched. With Google AdWords Ads, we place your advertising message and link to your product, for potential searches we place it within Google’s search results, and ensure guaranteed clicks from prospects.

In order for your ads to achieve maximum success, it is necessary to create a keyword analysis to understand the status quo and become aware of potential in the marketplace. This includes two levels:

  • Analysis of the existing placement of the website within the organic search results
  • Analysis of the potential of individual search terms based on their average monthly search volume

Based on the analysis, ad texts will be designed and search terms defined, so that ads will appear within the search results. It is important to be mindful of numerous factors that contribute to the optimal placement and performance of your ads. Not only the right decision for search terms plays a role, but especially the choice of texts, locations and landing pages of the ads.

The big advantage of Google AdWords ads for the digital communication of advertising messages, is the exact measurability of the performance in real time. Using the full potential requires continuous optimization of the campaign. The different ads and their respective keywords are checked for the most important key figures and adjusted continuously so that the best result can be brought out.

The successful implementation and establishment of Google AdWords Ads as a solid and reliable distribution tool requires the following three components:

  • Keyword and potential analysis by identifying potential search volumes of different search terms (also available as a single service)
  • Show ads on potential keywords (only in combination with a keyword analysis)
  • Continuously optimize ads to improve performance and document results

How we place your advertising on Google

UPON offers full service in the field of Google AdWords. We advise you on the selection of relevant search terms, based on sound analyzes, creation of a campaign concept, switch and optimize your ads. We place your offer within Google’s search results when people search for your product or service.

Classic advertising methods always interrupt people in their current activities and their willingness to buy tends to be low. Search engine advertising is different. Not you are looking for people who might be interested in your product, but people who are interested in your product are looking for you.

We would like to take advantage of this ingenious principle! We’ve been involved with search engine advertising for years and have experience in displaying a wide variety of products and industries. We know with which advertisements and techniques the highest yield can be achieved. With this know-how, we would like to create an effective and profitable sales instrument for you and bring new, ready-to-buy customers.

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