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Communication – with us you will win the right staff

Good content has many advantages.

Together with you, we develop a strategy on how to attract new, qualified professionals online.

The modern HR Specialist acquires online!

Times are changing. From leaflets to newspaper advertisements to outdoor advertising via online job portals – we are used to acquiring personnel in many different ways. It used to be easier to find motivated and highly trained employees. Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to fill the right positions. The acquisition of new skilled workers is expensive. Who uses the right channels saves money.

People spend their time online today, especially on social networks. They communicate with friends and acquaintances about what moves them. Also about the job, the team and topics related to the job. We seek communication with your potential employees and present your company optimally on the Internet.

Our services include:

  • Consultation & Strategy
  • Employer Brandin
  • Career Portal / Content
  • Recruiting

With us you will win the right staff. Together with you we develop a strategy how your company acquires new qualified specialists. For this we offer seminars, workshops & consultation appointments to develop this strategy together.

The aim of this phase of the conspiracy is the development of personas. In addition, we determine in which social media channels we engage in employee recruitment.

Then we create presences on all social media channels for your company and create the necessary foundations for a successful employer branding. The basics should include a career portal.

About the selected social media channels, job portals & we then acquire additional platforms for you on the vacant positions.

HR management benefits from the Internet and social networks. Your HR management and marketing can gather important impulses from the online community and specifically address people who fit in with the corporate culture.

Our job is to help you do Recruitment where your target audience is. Our action is designed to increase awareness on the web, on Facebook, XING, Google+ and LinkendIn, and to enhance the attractiveness of your brand as well.

We speak differently on the web, we write in a different style. Contact us. We will find your dream applicants

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