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The possibilities are almost unlimited and open up new communication channels for companies.

More Likes, Clicks and Prospects through Facebook

Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. At the time nobody suspected that the company would even become the largest social network and at the same time one of the most effective marketing tools on the Internet. The possibilities are almost unlimited and open up completely new communication channels for companies.

A worldwide reach of clearly defined target groups is given seven days a week, 365 days a year. No company today can afford to give up an effective presence on Facebook.

UPON develops and implements strategies and measures based on many years of experience leading to measurable success through online marketing.

On Facebook, millions of people are online every day to find out about current topics in their environment and to publish their own content.

Based on the shared information of the users, as well as their behavior and interests, companies can reach clearly defined target groups with advertising messages within a very short time.

With the help of Facebook advertisements, diverse marketing goals of companies can be realized. Advertisements serve to alert people to their brand, their company, their product or even a special offer.

Ads on Facebook can have the goal of getting people online or offline to respond, which can be in the form of a purchase or some other type of action, depending on the individual goals of the company.

Example of an Ad with Targeting

Example of an Ad with Targeting

Example of a Facebook Ad with the target:

  • Increase of the UPON Facebook fans to increase the awareness and acquisition of potential new employees within the target group of students in Stuttgart with affinity to online marketing.

80% Social / 20% advertising, according to this simple formula, we advise companies to design the newsfeed of their Facebook fan page in the form of contributions for existing fans and customers, but also potential new prospects.

Consider this communications channel from a customer perspective and ask yourself how you can add value to your customers.

The chance is to establish yourself as an expert (80% social) through good content and to actively promote the sale of your product or service (20% advertising). With the help of this approach, a meaningful content strategy can be designed for almost any company, no matter which industry, in order to realize individual marketing goals.

Example of a contribution image description

Example of a contribution image description

Example of a Facebook post with the goal:

  • Through an interesting article to prove know-how and arouse interest in order to receive clicks from interested parties on the blog of their own website.

As a basis to use the full potential of Facebook as a marketing tool, it is necessary to meet certain technical requirements. Our technical support covers all matters relating to Facebook Pages and Places, such as the correct setting, name changes, technical problems, general fan page optimization, or page merging.

In addition to technical support, the use of Facebook as a communication channel requires dialogue with customers. The so-called social response management includes the answering of messages, comments and reaction to positive as well as negative criticism.

Social Media is Facebook. Companies that use Facebook benefit from a communication channel that breaks all traditional marketing registers. We know the platform and how Facebook works. Always up-to-date with Facebook’s innovations, new techniques and tools, we work day-to-day to optimize one of the most effective and measurable online marketing tools. We help you to fully exploit the potential.

How we market your brand on Facebook
UPON offers comprehensive Facebook marketing. We will plan your campaigns, showcase your individual targeting ads, post and, if you like, we take over the communication within Facebook.

How Facebook Marketing works

Your future Facebook engagement will increase your brand’s reach in Social Network # 1. You have the choice between four variants:

  • Pure advertising for the distribution of a specific advertising message (even without a separate fan page possible)
  • Continuous commitment by maintaining a fan page with editorial contributions (with response management if required)
  • Technical optimization of your Facebook presence (once or regularly)
  • Full-Service: Development of an individual strategy that exploits the full potential of Facebook for your company and includes all the above variants
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